2015 ford transit diesel for sale by owner - Santa Monica, CA - craigslist (2024)

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Rare bullet gray full size van with open social layout, mini wood burning stove and unobstructed windows for all season off-grid camping. Priced to sell and ready-to-go with major maintenance up to date. Reliable, fuel efficient diesel, gets 20+ mpg hwy. New updated transmission under warranty. Original owners, California based; we’re only selling because of moving to Australia. This van has treated us extremely well while we’ve driven all over the country in ultimate comfort; sleeping in remote locations and stealth camping in cities alike. We’ll be stoked to meet you and hear about your adventure plans!

• Original Vehicle Owner, Clean Title – Fully Built Out Conversion Camper Van.
• 2015 Ford 250 Transit Full Size Van - 148” Long Wheel Base (LWB), 266" Extended Length Body (EL),
110” High Roof (HR), full standing height interior. Body width 81".
• Diesel Power Stroke 3.2L turbo, automatic transmission, 2WD.
• 137,xxx miles (majority highway from cross country trips). Gets great mileage 20-22 mpg hwy / 17-19 city.
“This Diesel engine provides much greater fuel economy than similar gas models and with a continued full maintenance
schedule, can far outlast a gas engine.”
• Brand new updated transmission in 2021, only 30k miles; unlimited mileage, transferable warranty until September 2024.
• Carefully maintained and fully serviced from new.

‣ Recent maintenance completed:
⁃ Oil and new filter; full synthetic @ 135k miles.
⁃ New fuel filter.
⁃ New OEM glow plugs; 3 year warranty till 2027.
⁃ Rear differential serviced; oil change and fill.
⁃ New charge air lines.
⁃ New air filter.
⁃ New wipers.

Full custom build out; live / work or weekender set up for OFF-GRID or stealth camping:


‣ 2x Solar Panels, 200W total; all interior systems run off-grid.
‣ New 2023: 1000W continuous / 2000W peak, pure sine wave inverter w/ 2x 120V house plug + USB port.
‣ New 2023: switch panel w/ 2x additional USB charge ports + 12V port.
‣ New 2022: Victron Energy SmartShunt w/ Bluetooth; track the battery from your phone.
‣ New 2022: Redarc BCDC 1250 – solar controller / DC/DC charger.
‣ New 2022: Battleborn lithium battery; 100Ah.
‣ Nature’s Head 12V self-contained composting toilet w/ updated fan (toilet vents continuously to outside).
‣ Fridge/Freezer - Marine grade Engel MR040 top opening, 40 qt, 12/24V DC, 110/120V AC (Vibration Resistant Compressor and Incline Operation up to 30° Off Level).
Dual Roof Fan System w/ new brain and screen. 2x MaxxAir Maxxfan Deluxe roof fan/vent combo, 10-speed reversible circulation with built-in shield (run in the rain or when in motion). Two fans allow for maximum air flow without leaving windows open, great for stealth camping and cooling.
Dual Zone Interior Lighting – 10 LED puck lights; 2 circuits with 4 dimmer lights. Create separate rooms for bed and lounge/desk area with blackout curtains.
Dual Inverters w/ house plugs + USB ports – solar auxiliary/house battery system for charging at desk; second drivers cab inverter, running from vehicle battery for charging devices while driving. Handy for passenger working/charging larger electronics on long road trips.
Geyser Systems Portable Shower – built in water heater powered by 12V plug incl. 16 foot power cord.


Cubic Mini Wood Stove (CB-1008 CUB) – Installed w/ fireproof insulation in roof. Metal and ceramic tile heat shield. Removable rain-proof chimney cap.
‣ Additional 12V roof fan – circulate hot air from the wood stove without running vent fans.
Well insulated interior – much cooler in summer and effectively retains wood stove heat to create very comfortable conditions in below freezing temps.
‣ Full Cedar interior walls, Oak cabinetry & Redwood trim on ceiling – cedar doesn't shrink, swell, warp in extreme weather changes; and is porous, which gives it the ability to absorb noise and moisture. Cedar and Oak are naturally insect and fungus resistant.
‣ Dynamat Noise & Vibration dampening throughout.
‣ Carbon monoxide & smoke alarm.

‣ Kitchenette:
⁃ Atwood 2x burner propane stove, built into counter, plumbed to 20 lb tank.
⁃ Stainless Steel Sink w/ new faucet.
⁃ 35 gal Freshwater Tank (food grade) w/ new 12V water pump 2023, easy on/off switch to kitchen sink.
⁃ Slide-out refrigerator drawer.
⁃ Fold down Desk / Dinner Table.

‣ Plenty of storage:
⁃ Rear garage / large under-bed storage.
⁃ 2x bench seats with under storage, plus 1x storage cube seat.
⁃ Over drivers cab cupboard storage.
⁃ Wood box / cubby storage under wood-stove.
⁃ Under kitchenette storage in cabinets/cubbies.
⁃ Double pocket storage over back doors.
⁃ Covered/hidden bathroom area.

‣ Full size mattress, seat cushions, curtains included.
‣ Laminate flooring inside and vinyl matting in the garage.
‣ Rear windows and large slider window are unobstructed for nice winter views (blackout curtains included).
‣ Rear barn doors – back doors open full 270 degrees.

‣ Included extras:
⁃ 2x new Dometic Front Runner Expander Camping Chairs; telescopic, foldable design for lightweight/compact storage.
⁃ Dometic Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro impact resistant storage box.
⁃ Fire extinguisher.
⁃ Snow chains.
⁃ Tow bar with 2 inch receiver.


Unobstructed Views – we chose not to do upper cabinets, or permanently panel the windows so the view is awesome from anywhere in the interior with the doors closed – we found this a huge benefit when living/working out of the van, especially when rainy/cold, to not feel cooped up. It’s open and spacious while remaining a stealth camper on the exterior with stock windows.
Extra seating + super social layout around the wood stove – you can seat 7 people inside plus more on the bed! This was our favorite highlight – we were so happy with the layout we chose – countless times we hosted people, cooking dinners and having friends hang with us, retreating from the weather!
High Roof Interior – lots of standing headroom.
Drivers Cab Access from front seats to interior space w/ privacy curtain.
You can sleep a third person on the floor.


The van was purchased, new, directly from Ford. My husband did a custom build from the best products available. He’s an engineer and studied aviation mechanics so has a full understanding of DC electrical. We lived out of the van seasonally for several years, drove it across the country multiple times and have looked after it extremely well as we had intended to own this for many more years.

Our family circ*mstances changed so we decided to make a move to my hometown in Australia. This van has been a pivotal part of our lives. It provided us with amazing opportunities to adventure while living and working remotely. We’re excited for someone new to take over the dream of van-life with the freedom to go and explore wherever you want!


All systems are ready to go!

If you like, there are still opportunities for you to have fun and add your own design touches to make it feel like your style, and this could even add value to the van.

For example, the bathroom/toilet area can easily be turned into a pop up interior shower area. After using the van we found we never needed an indoor shower (it’s so easy to find showers on the road or have a gym membership) and we preferred the open/social layout. You can buy really good collapsible systems these days too. A hot water system can be added to existing systems.

Because we left so much space in the rear garage you could also design some slide out options: an outdoor kitchen; fold out table/seating; or more storage options etc.

If you’re thinking about taking the leap into van-life, or just looking for a rad weekender with lots of space but don’t want the hassle of driving around a massive RV that’s hard to park and store, then a full size van is your solution. It can be parked in one parking spot and is under the length limits for some of the tighter National Park roads and most parking lots. It can save you money in campgrounds where you can pay for a camping spot and avoid expensive hook-up spots.

Feel free to reach out and ask questions, we’re happy to help and can set up an in person viewing or video call at your convenience. Thanks for taking the time to look!

This van is being sold in as-is condition, all reasonable offers will be considered. Buyer responsible for vehicle pickup / transport. Must establish own financing; no payment plans. No soliciting / will report scams.

2015 ford transit diesel for sale by owner - Santa Monica, CA - craigslist (2024)


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