Ducks Unlimited Features and Benefits (2024)

Customizable Event Pages

Ducks Unlimited Features and Benefits (1)

Event Page Creation

Build a personalized event page quickly and easily. You’ll be guided step by step throughthe process and be selling tickets in no time.


Bring your event to life with your own banner, event, and background images.Or, choose from dozens of Ducks Unlimited's versatile design themes.

Mobile Optimized

Deliver a great experience to attendees! Each Event Page is fully mobile optimized,making it easy for attendees to register or buy tickets from any device.

Online Events

You can specify a virtual location and run your event online.Provide text for your event page that explains how to attendonline, and add the link to attend via your chosen virtual platform forstreaming or conferencing - such as Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.The link to attend will be sent only to guests who purchase tickets.

Payment Options

Payment Processing

You may use Stripe to process ticket orders and securely collect payments in your account.


The ticketing platformcharges a low service fee of2.0%+ $.50per ticket (no charge for donations). While we don't charge to process orders, Stripe credit card processing fees will apply. Stripe charges0.0%+ $.00per transaction.

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Fee Options

You may add the ticket service fee to the ticket price or pay the service fee yourself.If you choose Stripe payment processing, you may also add the processing feeto the ticket price so there's no cost to you.

Free Events

Hosting a free event? There's no cost to usethe ticketing service.

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Event Promotion

Ducks Unlimited Features and Benefits (3)

Social Sharing

Enable fans to spread the news! After purchasing tickets, attendees are automaticallyprompted to share your event via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Tracking Links

Generate unique URLs to track referral sales to your event. Tracking links may also be usedto attribute sales from Facebook, email, or other referring sources.

Buy Tickets Buttons

Add buttons to your website or blog to direct visitors to your event page where they maypurchase tickets and learn more about your event.

Ticket Sales Widget

Create a seamless purchase experience by embedding a ticket sales widget on your website or blog.Attendees may select the tickets they would like to order before leaving your website.

Discount Codes

Set up promotional codes that attendees can enter during checkout.

Event Calendar Widget

Embed a schedule of your upcoming events on your website or blog by copying and pasting the Ducks Unlimited widget code provided.

Organizer Profile

List all of your upcoming and recent events in one place. You may also set branding preferencesfor your event pages and attendee email communications.

Marketing Tools

Email Marketing

Send and receive guest information seamlessly between your email platformand Ducks Unlimited account. We're integrated with MailChimp and Constant Contact.

This allows you to import contacts from them to useon your event's Email Invitation page, or to send the guest list fromyour event to them to use for your complete Email Marketing needs.

Constant Contact offers a discount of 10-20% to Ducks Unlimited customerswho sign up for a new account.Click here to sign up and save.

Posters & Flyers

Develop event and brand awareness using high-quality, custom-printed posters and flyers.Choose from dozens of customizable designs—we’ll custom print and ship fast.

Postcard Mailing

The results don't lie—organizers who send targeted postcard mailers report a substantial increase in ticket sales.Call or email our friendly support team at 833.273.8438 to learn more about our direct-mail services.

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Event Management & Ticketing

Ducks Unlimited Features and Benefits (5)

Custom Ticketing Plan

Set up different ticket types for your event (such as General Admission and VIP seating),and specify pricing, sales dates, and available quantity for each.

Event Ticket Printing

Print tickets customized to your event that can be either sold in person or through local vendors.Barcodes on the tickets automatically sync with your event so tickets can be scanned and validatedwith our mobile check-in app or by accessing your guest list via your browser (no scanner required).To use your browser, simply login to Eventgroove, click Manage Events, select the guest from the list,and tap to check in attendees.


Organize attendees to your multi-day event or an event requiring access control (such as 21 and over)with custom-printed wristbands. Ducks Unlimited prints custom Tyvek, Tyvek Pro, and vinyl wristbands,all available in a variety of themed and basic designs.

Private Events

Send email invitations to guests who you would like to attend. Only invited guests may register orpurchase tickets to a private event.

Copy Events

Save time listing new events by making a copy of one of your previous events.


Raise money for your nonprofit or cause by accepting donations.Ducks Unlimited does not charge any service fees for donations.

Offline & Complimentary Tickets

Track tickets sold offline and keep your guest list current by reporting check or cashsales via phone, tablet, or laptop/PC.Complimentary tickets may also be issued to friends or special guests.

Event Dashboard

View a consolidated summary of tickets sold online, offline sales reported,complimentary tickets issued, service and processing fees, refunds, and donations for your event.

Orders Report

Review and/or export a detailed orders report, resend tickets, and manage refunds to your event.

Google Analytics

Learn how guests found your event, where they are located, as well as the quality of trafficfrom each location and referring source with built-in Google Analytics reports.

Guest List

Access or print the guest list for your event at any time. If you use Ducks Unlimited's mobile check-in app,an attendee check-in report will also be available after the event has ended.

Mobile Check-In & Ticketing

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Digital Ticket Delivery

Offer mobile tickets that can be presented for check-in right from the buyer'sphone—no printing required. Print-at-home tickets may also be made available.

Souvenir Quality Tickets

Create souvenir quality printed tickets for your event. Browse a vast selection ofeasy-to-personalize templates. Each printed ticket comes equipped with a uniquebarcode validated for entry and scannable from your mobile device.


Quickly scan printed and mobile tickets to check in attendees using your Android or Apple device!Ducks Unlimited makes it easy to turn your device into a ticket scanner.There's no need to install an app to scan tickets. Simply loginto Ducks Unlimited from your web browser, click Manage Events, and select the guestlist for your event.

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Optimized for Mobile

Mobile Dashboard

Easily access and manage the most important aspects of your event includingsales reports, event page analytics, order details, and guest list. You canalso check in attendees the day of the event by searching for the attendeename and tapping to check in individual tickets.

To access your Ducks Unlimited mobile dashboard, sign in to your account viayour mobile browser and tap Manage Events.

Mobile Event Pages

Make it easy for visitors to purchase tickets and learn more about yourevent via their phone through a mobile-optimized event page. To ensureyour event page loads quickly on mobile devices, some design elementssuch as the background design and banner image will not be shown. Werecommend previewing your event on a mobile device prior to starting ticket sales.

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Fantastic Customer Support

Organizing an event is complicated! Our mission is to make it easier (and more fun).Contact our friendly customer support team to ensure your event is a great success!

  • Phone: 833.273.8438
  • Email:
  • Hours: 7am - 7pm CT, M-F

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Ducks Unlimited Features and Benefits (2024)


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