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The conference opened with high - level politicians and C - level industry leaders debating industry trends and outlook.


«This new organization will provide a forum for a broader spectrum of senior - level industry leaders to participate in discussing and addressing all aspects of the industry to protect its greater good and ensure its success as a whole,» said APPA board chairman Jim Heim.


So, whether you are a marketing leader at an early stage startup, a well - funded marketplace, or an enterprise - level industry leader, FinTech companies and their platforms now offer innovative solutions to dramatically improve your user's payment experience and ultimately the entire customer experience.


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Social media can level the playing field between industry leaders and upstarts, between multinational corporation executives and small - business owners, making peers of all participants.


The mining sector has reached a new five - year low, with confidence levels likely to take years to recover, according to industry leaders surveyed in the latest Mining Business Outlook report.


Had Kodak's leaders ratcheted up their discomfort level by asking and receiving more challenging questions from others, the company may well have sustained its legacy as a key industry player.


This level of deal making has profoundly reshaped the healthcare industry, consolidating category leaders and blurring lines between sectors.


CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology industry, developed the Trustmark in collaboration with industry experts and leaders to identify businesses that have made a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sustained quality service.


Our objective is to use technology, training and strong leadership, at all levels, to help Quarterback become an industry leader.


Industrial and political leaders throughout the world have been so anti-labor that there is little thought of raising domestic living standards via higher wage levels and a tax shift off labor and industry back onto property where progressive tax policies used to be based.


Women business owners had the opportunity to hear from and connect with government officials, industry thought leaders, high level corporate managers, and investors.


Towne Park will become the undisputed North American leader in parking services for the healthcare and hospitality industries — most admired for our people, partnerships, service - level performance and profitability.

As a Chef, CEO Level Consultant and leader in the natural foods industry, Bo eagerly shares his creative energy, expertise and insights in the innovative projects and outreach he is a part of globally, and is engaged in the organic foods and technology arenas where transformation, innovation and sustainable business models are key factors to success.


Futamura, the global leader in renewable and compostable cellulose films for the flexible packaging industry, announces they have seen significant sales growth and record levels of operational efficiency in their first year, as they celebrate one year since the acquisition of the Innovia films» cellulose business.


The Young Leader Award is open to people 30 years or younger and have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the organic industry.


This exclusive event is reserved for top - level restaurant executives — leaders and innovators of the fast casual industry.


As an industry leader in certified organic, kosher, and halal dairy ingredient production, DairiConcepts owns and operates eight manufacturing plants, two development laboratories, and a pilot testing plant located throughout the U.S.. All plants are SQF Level 3 - certified.


As the recognized brown rice industry leader, David Janow and Axiom Foods are regularly asked to speak at high level meetings and events.


These industry leaders will work to develop their own high level program within their own discipline under the general heading of Craft Beverages Unlimited in Asheville.


The three - day event will bring together formidable industry leaders including C - level restaurant executives, Marketing Vitals clients, and operators with five or more units.


Learn how you can support this effort, along with lessons learned from California's Prop 37 and what's happening on a national level to require labeling of genetically engineered foods, from a panel of speakers and industry leaders deeply involved in these efforts.


Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, today urged the First Minister to support her party's calls to scrap business rates for plant and machinery in Wales and to reduce the level of VAT that is levied on the tourism industry.


Dangote group is constantly seeking business leaders at different levels for critical and challenging roles which cut across a wide range of industry segments.


And industry leaders have focused recently on ways to impose cleaner coal technologies, including at a major conference in Delhi earlier this month featuring high - level government and industry leaders focusing on coal gasification, carbon capture and storage, upgrades and other measures to improve efficiency and reduce pollution.


Centrus» Advisory Board consists of several distinguished leaders who have served at the highest levels of government and industry and have deep subject - matter expertise in energy and national security matters.


Sanger's Scientific Education and Excellence Development (SEED) Scheme offers five leadership development programmes to enable leaders across the life sciences industry to take their leadership skills to the next level.


Over the past decade it has convened leaders at the highest levels in academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, information technology industry, and government to draw upon their perspectives in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the clinical research enterprise.


Lyle McDonald's Generic Bulking Routine (coming soon) Experience Level: Intermediate Days Per Week: 4 Workout Type: Upper Body / Lower Body Split Workout Summary: Lyle McDonald is a leader when it comes to stamping out the BS in the fitness industry.


Brown graduates, industry leaders, and other working professionals desire a high - caliber date who attracts them on an intellectual level.


Ithaca, New York About Blog Cornell's Baker Program in Real Estate offers a comprehensive, professional graduate level curriculum that educates the next generation of real estate industry leaders taught by the largest on - campus real estate field faculty in the country.


ABOUT THE IDATE DATING INDUSTRY CONFERENCE As the largest business summit and convention for the dating industry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in oINDUSTRY CONFERENCE As the largest business summit and convention for the dating industry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in oindustry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in one room.


The ease with which an internet dating business can be run together with the potential of a huge profit margin, has of course created many competing sites but this has not had a detrimental effect on the income levels of the industry's leaders.


As the largest business expo for the dating industry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in one room.


Hundreds of dating industry executives and leaders were in attendance, including C - Level executives from the top dating sites in the business (eHarmony, Spark Networks, Zoosk and SNAP, among others).


Hundreds of dating industry executives and leaders were in attendance, including C - Level executives from the top dating sites in the business (eHarmony, Hinge, Zoosk and SNAP, among others).


As the largest business event for the dating industry, for over 14 years «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in one room to network, find business opportunities, learn new ideas, gain insight, achieve higher levels of traffic and earn more revenue.


ABOUT THE DATING INDUSTRY CONFERENCE As the largest business event for the dating industry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in oINDUSTRY CONFERENCE As the largest business event for the dating industry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in oindustry, «iDate» gathers C - Level executives and thought leaders worldwide in one room.


In a challenging period for the education built environment industry, the sixth Building Schools Exhibition and Conference (BSEC) at London's ExCeL proved successful and a major destination for education and industry leaders, attracting delegations and decision makers from across the globe, with 49 per cent at director level and above.


«As a global leader in high efficiency, high performance air conditioning, a key part of our role is to support and encourage the industry to improve the level of knowledge and technical skills.


ZTI is CMMI Level 3, ITIL, and ISO 20000 certified and is a leader in the IT industry.


is throwing its clout into the digital publishing industry as a recognized leader in producing engaging ability - level texts.


Root9B is an industry leader in cybersecurity, and their blog features news and information about the world of high - level cybercrime and security.


Pyramid Credit Repair, with their different approach and level of transparency is rare from the credit repair service industry, hence why they have been an industry leader in the space for several years now.


Barclaycard is a leader in the credit card industry, offering credit cards on an international scale at the business owner level as well as consumer level.


One of the best ways to get advice on recommended coverage levels is to talk to industry leaders and a Trusted Choice agent who specializes in your industry.


Petland is a global leader in pushing the industry to new levels and encouraging the highest standards of pet care in our communities.


Dr. Miller also works closely with Petco's executive team and cross-functional leaders to ensure that industry - leading standards for animal care are upheld across every level of the company.


Outstanding Pet Care is recognized as a leader in the pet care industry for setting high service standards and education from pet care fundamentals to continuous education and various levels of specialization.


Santa Clarita, Calif., December 22, 2015 — Animal Behavior College (ABC) today announced that WAHL ® Clipper Corporation (WAHL ®), an international industry leader in professional and home grooming products, has become a Gold - level Sponsor for the scho...


«It's our responsibility as leaders to stay attuned to industry trends and consistently evaluate our own destination's level of innovation and creativity,» said Ronella Tjin Asjoe - Croes, CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority.


LEVEL INDUSTRY LEADERS in a sentence | Sentences WordTool (2024)


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