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Cleveland, Ohio

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

15 Personals Businett Notices SOL BERGMAN CO 401 Prospect MA 1 4350 Established 1893 Ohio's Oldest and Largest Brokers BARGAINS UNREDEEMED LOANS Diamonds BEST BUYS UNREDEEMED DIAMONDS WHICH WE OER OR SALE ARB THOSE WHICH PEOPLE LET AS COLLAT ERAL ON A LOAN AND OR SOME REASON AILED TO REDEEM AS WE LOAN ONLY A RACTION THE MARKET VALUE WE ARE THEREORE ABLE IO SELL THESE UNREDEEMED DIAMONDS AT A VERY LOW PRICE Lady'a Diamond Earrtnga ine Brilliancy 21: Carat Diamonds Handsomely Ret Out of Pawn at I 56 Man a 32 Masonic Rins ine Enamel Work Larse Center Diamond Carat Very Brilliant Out of Pawn at $209 Lady's 1 Carat Diamond Ring American Cut Extra Brilliant ine Solitaire Mounting Unredeemed at $169 Diamond wedding Ring lihtail Mounting Hnet Deaiau 6 Large Diamondi Good Brilliancy Ifa Carat Unredeemed at I 3 3 Udy'i TU Carat Diamond Ring American Cut ine Brilliancy Newest Setting 4 Urge Side Diamonds Out of Pawn 3 7 HUNDREDS LOOSE DIAMONDS TO CHOSE ROM TAKEN OUT OLD OBSOLETE MOUNTING? ALL SIZES AND SHAPES ROM 02 CARAT TO 10 CARATS PRICED AT OUT PAWN VALUATIONS SEE OUR SELECTIONS Lady a Diamond Broach Circle Deal tn ine Openwork 3d Brilliant Diamond! Ctjuom Mnde Piece One of a Kind Unredeemed at $210 Lady i Dl a an I ua Watch Newest Model 30 Erilltent Dtemond Home Mad Cue Was Unredeemed at $276 Diamond Heart Nrklace LeauUlul Design 21 Large Dtam'uda Very Brilliant Choice Quality Was oOU Unredeemed at $261 Star Sapphire Cult Linka Kr Solid Gold New Italian Hnun 2 Cerne Star Sapphirtt Brilliant DitraoriGt Very Unusual Out of Pawn at $146 Diamond Longtaez Waub Newest Mode' 14 KL Solid White Gold 17 Brilliant Dtamcmdi on Dial ine PrecHtoji Timepiece WU 675 Unredeemed at $195 ONLY A SMaLiTpORHO: OUR UNREDEEMED LOANS ARE USTEd hundred OTHER ITEMS ARE IN STOCK OR YOUR IN ECTION ALSO HAVE HUNDREDS GOOD BUYS OBTAINED i ROM ESTATES AND OTHER SOURCES 14 KL Cold Chara Bracelet $1250 ultured Pearl Ne rtlare 1500 Gouine Garnet Eerringt 950 Diamond Pearl Pendant 4800 150 Le Calite Watch 435 00 2jwel Waltham Watch 530 00 Diamond Dial Butova 2400 Solid Gold Money Clip $2000 Eastern Star Compact 450 49 Modrn Wall Clock S18 00 Nher Re Bucket $is 50 Diamond Pendant 1450 Hne Garnet Bracelet 32 00 Cameo Brooch 14 50 Argus 3 Camera $1800 Hoild Gold 'Diamond Crow $15 00 Genuine Opal Earrttrs $8 50 Solid Gold Cuff Links $6 00 Pearl Diamemd Pendent 425 00 23 Jeel Hamilton Watch 4800 Omega Uke Nt $4000 Diamond Earrings $5500 Uln Diamond Green Watch $15 00 bcild Gold Anklet $4 00 Cultured Peart Necklace $15 00 aUd Gold Charm Bracelet $1300 Polaroid Ukt Ne $52 00 Antique Bracelet 700 Diamond Wedding Ring $1250 Diamond Shrine Emblem 28 00 Silver Service for 8 1500 4000 OUT PAWN WATCHES iova Elgui Grun HaniHcn Guanmerd 1 Yr Service $10 WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE NEW JEWELRY AT BARGAIN PRICES Jjweiry Subject ta eieral Exclaa Txt Ail Weignts Are Approximate EASY TERMS AVAILABLE No Carrying Charge Sol Bergman Co 401 Prospect MA 1 4350 JAZZ' ESTIVAL Every The Sky don't miss it plenty of real jazz Music starts at 9 pm Lounge next to Hotel Statleron 12 anchorage7alaska Leaving Toledo Nov 21 in 1959 Thun derbird Seek companion to share driv ing and expenses References ex changed Call Toledo GR 4 2230 Xmas Tree arms ajaln offer you high quality Canadian Scotch pines at reasonable rates Wholesale yard corner Miles Richmond AX 2 7572 4th year same location MENTOR LAGOONS ISHING AND HUNTING Catches are very good Rates 1 fish in 3 hunting Guard on premies CHRISTMAS trees wholesale 100000 trees available from 20 local grow ers North Eastern Ohio Christmas Tree Crowers Awn Box 4114 Kirtland OCL 6 3 24 7RE1 8247 CHRISTMAS trees 8 9 ft sheared Scotch pine $135 Call or write Wesley Elwood Box 276 Apollo Pa Phone GRover 2 2211 or evenings GRover 2 2807 CHRISTMAS trees wholesale Scotch Pine 5' to 9' Red Pine Balsam and Spruce: larce trees for churches and halls Corner 123 and Harvard SK 2 1872 or SK 2 1721 SPECIALTY PACKING SHIPPING Small or paper products packaged and shipped on quantity basis advertising items a specialty SU 1 4610RELIGIOUS ARTISTS INSTITUTE Professional opportunities or singers who desire recognition 1 4 704 Kinsman 9 5 7 9 SK 2 7455 RESPONSIBLE party needed to drive car to Miami la Gas paid Call Sat or Run LO 1 9141 Mon HE 1 7163 SALES promotion win do anvtMng within reason for the sum of 1000 as long ax it is legal Please no crank phone calls phone MA 1 1488 ask for i 1 1 YOUNG man wants to invest time and money in poing business Box 5972 Plain Dealer SOUND movies Xmas nartles socials birthdays cartoons musicals comedies also to ren 1 5451 HILLBILLY rock roll band avail able rl and Sat night Bill Massie OL1 2983J DLL make your new car fit your old garace fourth generation carpenter lengthening a specialty GA 1 3725 HIGHEST PRICES PAID We Will Buy Your Photo Equipment BRYAR PHOTO SUPPLY PR 1 4605 PLAYER pianos can now be electri fied with a small Inside pumps YE 2 9065 CHRISTMAS tree lot available for lease: well lighted in Willow Plaza HI9 1498 CHRISTMAS trees 600 Scotch Pine 5 ft 8 ft ready to cut AD 5 3573 Olmsted alls BOOKKEEPING tax advice small Dullness: reasonable UL 1 3776 APPROVED DRIVING SCHOOL SAE WAY SU 1 4444 VAN loading for lorida Can take part load Sparks Storage YE 2 3332 VAN leaving for lorida Can take 4 rooms CH 7 6146 KI 3 5072 KITCHEN CHAIRS COVERED 6 $8 Naugahyde Pick up WI 1 5691 WE furnish cars at no charge to Call frgnlaand lorida TE 1 8822 DOCTOR and wife will deliver your car Texas Arizona or California De cember You pay gas SK 2 5357 POPCORN BALLS Individually wrapped lor holiday partleg EN 1 74SS 151 Personals Business Notices 15 Personals Business Notices 4 VA PUBLIC NOTICE rou cia mow buy furniture rugs appliances ROM THE DISTRIBUTORS WAREHOUSE ROM CAR TO YOU CI EVEIAND'S LARGEST DISCOUNT HOUSE 1 TERMS 3 YEARS TO PAY REE PARKING Open Daily 9 A 9 Sat 6 Closed Sunday DISTRIBUTORS WAREHOUSE 6920 UNION AVE 00X 25000 Mohawk Christmas Trees and Decorative Greens Ohio grown sheared freih cut retains more molature and pine aroma lse fire hazards Sctrtcn Austrian red white pines and Norway spruces 4 to 20 ft LOWER RHOPS NURSERIKS GREENHOUSES Plenty of decorative boughs end greeru bundfAi or bulk by the ton Buy direct wholesale from grower Reserve now for 1960 GI 3 0715 or write Mohawk Valley Chrixtmaa Tret axmi Box 157 Sta A Canton 0 PAY BILLS IN ONE PLACE Conaolldate all of your bllla Into one payment with the only licenzed debt adjustment company In Cuyahoga Coun ty It you are employed and owe 500 to $10000 with payment! that are high or behind come In or call us for an appointment Open Monday and riday 10 am to 8 pm Tues Wed Thun 10 am to 8 pm: Saturday 10 am to 4 pm No ilnerg or required We are not a loan company CONSOLIDATED ADJUSTMENT COMPANY 3981 117 St CL 2 5588 NEED MONEY? Turn Your Account! Pcelvabl Notee and Judgments to Ue ACCOUNTS COLLECTED OR PURCHASED HEAD MERCANTILE COLLECTION SERVICE 1311 Schofield BMg 1 7562 $10 Cash Paid To RH Negative Blood Donora Cleveland Biological TOYS! Now a Being Sold To Public At TERRIIC DISCOUNTS $350000 Stock Mattell Remco Gilbert American Bikes 0 I Wert St Clair MA 1 54 7 7 THE AREA'S LARGEST Chrittmaa Tree Grower Scotch Pine up to 8 ft Pruned Yearly Very RmonaNr SELECT YOUR OWN 40 MILES EAST CLEVELAND Drive out Rt to West armlrg to We ire located milez South of Caution Light 12 TO 4 ONLY Maedel Chrtztmt! Tree arm IV 1 9380 CHRISTMAS TREES WHOLESALE Canada'i flnwt tri ec Menu are now on dtaplay at our Cle eland location Pruned Scotch pine at iti beat alto spruce balwn and extra bouzM CANADIAN TREE CO 465! North field LM GR 5 1432 Residence AkrcaO JWA 3 3893 CHRISTMAS TREES SCOTCH PINE 60 060 SCOTCH PINE 5 Buihy dark Bu Norway prut Uv REELAND ARMS Box 303 Con neaut Lake Pa 6 ml Conneaut off 285 Hartztown 2172 Erea Zelien ople 644 CHRISTMAS TREES 3 000 1 Sheared Scotch Austrian Pines Wooater area good blue green color good height Retailers welcome Se to appreciate Select and tag your own 150 on stump I KN1VET0N Bex 54 0 Alhance or Call TA 3 1660 Office Phone MAIL ORDER ILM DEVELOPING QUALITY WORK AT LOWER PRICES Rl developed 8 Jurrbi prinu 5Oc 12 70c reprints 5c Kdacrtor: 8 $2 69: 12 $369 reprints 25e Phone CL 1 8292 for free ilm Maier or mail films to WILLARD Photo Service Box 2554G Cleveland MOVING COMPARE OUR COST ON 4000 LB Cleveland to Miami $372 Tampa St Pete area 344 Orlando 338: Palm Beach 364 or ether rttea call Aetna Mrrtn ER 1 1414 anytime SAVE 5 TRIAL OER iJMiitllul jurrbo prtnu 50c la Icr 70c Jumbo rtprtnu 5c tich Write lor melters or cell TU 4 1050 MODERN ILM SERVICE Box 84S4D Cleveland 34 ree! I f954 PTONC cent With purchase of $1 or more ACCOMPANIED WITH THIS AD YALE COIN EXCHANGE 820 82 EX I 0267 XMAS TREES NORTHERN PINE ARMS 20000 Scotch Ptre 5 9 irsrlr All ereen No treee Rt 19 Shrsklyvtlie pe SH 2450 or call Zrilenople 789 CHRISTMAS TREES WHOLESALE sheared Scetch pine baisam Why pay more? Buy from the man who grown them We invite your Inspection at 13801 Lorain Ave CHRISTMAS TREES Sheared Scotch Pin Wholesale or by the field Contact Vado Savelli Huy Pa Locate in Clarion County between Sligo and Rimersburg on Rt 88 Phone Bhadyilde 5 2901 Sligo Pa CARS DELIVERED Anywhere in USA' BONDED DRIVERS AA Delivery PR 1 5721 NEED driven to Clearwater la will pay gaa oil and inzurance must be employed nd have references Call Gene Pierpont Stone Buick BE 2 4400 CHRISTMAS TREES WHOLESALE Scotch Pine 5' to good color sheared reasonable ON 1 4625 CHRISTMAS TREES Michigan's larg est grower beautiful bushy plantation grown trees excellent color: Red Pine 65c Scotch Pine 1 Phone HO 3 1562 or write Box 448 Mt Clemens Mch SELECT Scotch pine sheared 5 to here Cleveland Colorado blue spruce Norway spruce Austrian pine and Scotch pine up to 16' for clubs schools and organizations LI 1 955 7 GITS to the Heart und in memory of your friends relatives or associates will be gratefully acknowledged by the CLEVELAND AREA HEART SOCIETY 1689 115th SW 1 7500 CHRISTMAS Tree Dealers Pick Cut carry up to 15 ft 100 Boughs and Greens In bundles or ton Call GI 3 0715 Canton TV REPAIRS Reasonable Used TVs bought any condition WY 1 3386 or WY 1 2079 daily SUNDAY INCLUDED AXn NOISE EARPLUGS Give you quiet for sleep study or swimmers loo 1 for 3 pr at Mar shall Drug stores AMERICAN TOURISTS Italian private lesrons by lady teacher at her or your home SW 5 3869 Van Loading for LA TAKE PART LOAD TAMPA MIAMI LOWEST RATES BR 1 1414 YOUR CAR DELIVERED TO ANY POINT DESTINATION IN THE TE 1 8622 KER NURSERY Scotch and Austrian Pine a specialty 5 ft to 9 ft Whoie Mle RE 1 0251 IV 1 2834 USED school buses good running condi tion: Berea Bus Line Co 36 South Rocky River Dr Berei Ohio XMAS TREES WHOLESALE Select win Golfland 5 2525 Bellaire Rd WI 1 9210 MORNING WAKE UP SERVICE We ring till you answer HE 3 3115 SIGNS: Ready made in Hock No watt Ing Richmond Hardware HI 2 6180 MAKE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE HEART UND YARDS WINTERIZED PLANTED: PRUNE CLEAN ETC TR 1 7918 ELECTRICAL Xmas outdoor decorating done Reasonable CE 8 6887 SNOW removal parking lots schools driveways etc SU 1 0835 after 8pm LADY driving lorida east coast Take 1 of same SK 2 4158 CHRISTMAS tree hauling by tree or load CL 1 8445 BEATNIKS mert at Le Sorbonne Espresso 1978 105 seotca Pine wholesale CALL MONDAY ME 1 3144 Games Dolls Sleds Open Daily 9 9 Until Christmas ree Parking 755 CARNEGIE Halves of Beef 32c lb USDA halves good 45c choice 47c No money down Up to 6 month to pay Cut and wrapped while you wait BAR rezer Meats Bath on Rt 21 1 mile south of Rt 176 21 Junction Open 9 to 9 Sun 12 9 Cloeed Mon OUver 9 1923 West Richfield Learn to Dance CHILDREN ADULTS CHILDREN 3 yr up: lyirn tap tot Psllft arroUt etc ADULTS yount trid lu trot cha cha rumba etc Enroll now Very reaKtnable Howlyn Danclnj Academy CH 1 9513 124 flogt Pih Siipplin AMERICAN ESKIMO A KC registered puppies ad white at full growth 10 tn 14 Ideal pet wonderful with children CHAR MON ACRES KENNELS 5069 Mill Rd Brecksville JA 6 8522 Sat Sun and Eves AKC COLLIE pups 2 rare trl colcr females Emeral background State Rt 94 mL north of 18 A KC WesthlghUnd Terrier pups ME 3 3456 A ronJX AQUARIUM Tropical fih alligators turtles hamster parakeets finches 15 gal stainless steel aqua rium 999 Tropical from 39c Open Sun Hakvl 7604 Lorain OL 1 4700 BEAGLE 9 months pedigreed ready for field training Reasonable AC 6 5351 BEAGLE EMALE SH MOS A 535 1 SH 1 4252 feEAGLE pupa: A KCr hunting stock njeejjets BE 4 3895 BEAGLES 4 yrs old: excellent hunt ers Northfield IM 7 5 13 3 BEAGLE pups 7 wks ARC Hunt ing stock: 20 325 TV 4 8734 BEAGLES A KC REGISTERED" CE 8 6667 BEJ2165J BRITTANY Spaniels 11 week old'' Ut ter: AK registered 3 males 4 females BE 7 62C0 CAIRN TERRIERS uppin nd tud price AV S101 CANARIES PUPPIES PARROTS PARAKEETS INCHES HAaMSTERS TURTLES TROPICAL ISH AQUARIUMS BIRD CAGES ALL PET SUPPLIES PETLAND PET SHOP 3576 EJ31 LO 1 9360 CARNEGIE PET SHOP 10830 CARNEGIE AVE CE 1 5222 Poodles German Shepherds co*ckers Dachshunds Beagles Wire Haired Ter riers Boxers CHIHUAHUA AKC 35 and up Also srud service Be Jay Kennel 360 Prospect St WelUngtcBt Phone 283 15 CHIHUAHUAS: AK tiny 1 male 1 female pets BE 2 4418 CHIHUAHUA pups 6 wk old Stud service BE 7 6267 CHIHUAHUAS TINY DOLLS Also STUD SERVICE CE 8 4443 CHIHUAHUAS AKO male and fe males itud service CL 6 8100 co*ckER spaniel male buff 15 mo? old: good pet na had the necessary shots papers Would make a good hunter RE 4 31 2 5 co*ckER PUPS ALL COLORS BRED OR CHILDREN RICHMAR KENNELS MO 3 7480 co*ckER 9 mo black male A housebroken fine pet MI 1 4396 co*ckER PUPPIES: BLOND: AkC CH 8 6737 COLLIE PUPS AKC Auriga Ken nels 2316 Ridge Rd Hinckley on Route 3 COLLIE: part toy? 6 mos house broken shots spayed WH 3 1917 DACHSHUNDS Irish and wire haired Terriers AKC: ox Terriers Stedel Kennels CE 8 6851 DACHSHUNDS 'miniature AKC males black and tan TR 1 1559 DACHSHUND puppy female wants good home $45 IV 6 4543 DACHSHUND PUPS EMALES SEE parents sp 7 3697 DACHSHUND black male miniature housebroken 40 CL 1 5794 DACHSHUND miniature puppies AKC Also stud service CA 5 3610 DALMATIAN male 5 mo old house broken cood with children papers OL 1 7746 DALMATIAN pups AKC champion sired Streetsboro MA 6 4320 DALMATIAN female 6 mo AK $50 OL 1 4 2 1 1 DOBERMAN Pinicher Pups AKC 6 WEEKS OLD WI 1 931 0 RENCH Poodle 7 mo old chocolate female 50 SP 7 0630 German Shepherd Dog Club Of Northern Ohio Inc Regional AKC Recefnlzed Pupplea alwaya available representing the highest standard of the breed I 1 1 7 6 GERMAN Shepherd pups and trained dogs Champion line Moving No reasonable offer refused SW 1 5770 TE 1 1431 GERMAN Shepherd emale Pups AKC 8 mo shots S120 Hold for Both Parents Terms Available Erie Estate Kennel WH 2 1038 GERMAN short haired puppy male: AKC Also entered In AKC futurity75 terms LO 2 8164 GERMAN shepherd puppies A Perry AL 9 3287 GERMAN shorthaired pointer pup field trial champion sired LO 2 7411 GERMAN Shepherd pups: A KC Cham pion stock 50 up RE 4 1448 GERMAN shepherd pups: a KC black tan silver VI 3 6085 GERMAN shepherd AKC female watch dog Love children GA 1 4019 (Continued in Next Column) 124 Dft lii SuppllisCentIna ran Prattling Colfn) PUPPIES LA 4 J669 GERMAN Shepherd ideal Xmas gin 7 Wks BE 7 5210 GREAT" danOups Champion tired A KC registered show or pet stock Ears cropped ME 3 3214 Akron GREATDANE pups: A X7c: 8 wU excellent back grou nd UL 1 0809 GUN trained Labrador Retriever bitches 200 up Pups 100 Best ob tainable blood liner Alvalrieh Ken nels iReg'd) Breedrt of Champions ield and Bench Wittman Md Irish Setter Pupa AKC Richmar Kennela MO 3 7460 1 I iCte tier good hunter reasonable will trade Dt 1 7625 after 5 KITOLNB: "PART PERSIAN BE 4 8165 LABRADOR RTftftVEM PUPPIES 16 wks A WE 4 5163 MINIATURE POODLES Chocolate brown tired CH Bark Metara PA 9 4424 MINIATURE Schnauzer male IS wks AKC Shots Cropped Show potsIMU tiea IV 1 2481 NEWOUNDLAND Landteer and standard dogs and pups Phone 45 Bowerston RD PARROTS Selling out Amazon 50 ea Yeung Mynah 30 MI 1 7906 PEKINGESE: Paper trained pups lovely colors reasonable RE 1 7900 PERSIAN CAT 10 1 YEAR OLD IV 1 1177 PIGEONS matched pairs honors tumblert rabbit red Mack white Meister 1604 43 POINTERS ENGLISH OR GERMAN LA 4 2358 POMERANIAN puppie: 6 wU AKC male female VU 3 8092 POMERANIANS: 2 8316 24 and MeKelvey ASHTABULA POMERANIAN PUPPIES AKC 60 BE221 7 POODLE: Small white miniature male AKC 8 mo shot 120 Hold for Xmas TR 1 7244 POODLE puppies: lovely white mlnia turet good disposition Mentor BL 5 2150 POODLE pups diver miniature top pedigree: perfect Xmas gift YE 2 2586 POODLES A SMALL BLACK MINIATURED ALSO TOYS HI 2 4929 POODLES: Black female miniatures AKC Adorable EV 2 799S POODLE pup white toy female AKC pet reasonable RE 4 3427 POODLE AKC blaek Unlt lure reusable Hl 2 2313 POODLES Miniature A diver 8 wks old Alliance TA 1 5883 POODLES white standard A RcaonabieTU4 4652 POODLES: miniature gray A Male female 9 wks SK 2 4310 POODLES: miniature Black grey Bt POODLES AKC miniature black 5IO 3 6054 POODLES AK toys and mlnia re beautiful pupa TR 1 1183 PUG ftSy breedi AKC registered fawn color 2 mo old 3 females 1 male ihots wormed 7 5 Will held till Christmas Painesville EL 4 8889 collect SAMOYED PUPPIS A 6 WEEKS 3 0 870 SHETLAND sheepdog miniature colliea pups AKC Stud CH 7 7653 SIAMESE kltUns pedigree shots $25 Siud ievlce YE 2 9250 ST BERNARD pups AKC registered champion sired Shlrlle Cox RD 1evile PO 9 2384 SHETLAND Sheepdogs iCllea in mlal aturei: AK pupa WA 1 8307 SIAMESE female spade reawaaMe TR 1 0931 TOY fox terrttrr 2 mates: rba old 1 female 18 mM AK 645 OL 1 4211 TOY i tanchester pupa Registered lUt scnable CA 5 4231 TOY POMERANUN AKC MALES ME 1 0989? V1ZSLA gulden pointer 5 moa shots registered female 75 Bessemer Pa MO 7 79H WIRE OX TERRIER PW: AKC ehamp'on slred: stud service Youngs townO SW 9 7029 YORKSHIRE Terrier and Pomer aman puppies JA 6 3565 WANTED: SMALL TYPES MIXED BREED PUPPIES PETLAND PET SHOP 3576 131 LO 1 9360 121 Hertas Iteak irn Teds UUD TRACTORS ARD TOOLS Tegner Implement Sales aoSlT EUCLID WILLOUGHBY MEADOWVIEW STABLES Good wlectlon et horn and now and saddles tor tale LO 3 TSSI 195S CASE tractor with snow plow: farm Implements sell or trade lorrep IV 8 3519 COURAGEOUS Laddie walk trot: chestnut Mentor BL 211P II Bsrtsr an Sva 53 CHEVT or 'SO Dodie trade for 3 transceivers or what have you tor selti LA 1 9250 1953 PLYMOUTH eilM and 14 ft bat outfit for late model wafon or cssh WI 1 99 1 WILL rive A Irish Setter pup tn rxchante for carpentry teerli or odd joba Call Md 3 7A LADIES' dethea: coat shoes rtU fB for what hive you EV 3S98 20 Help Male Accountant CoUete derive 3 3 years public iccountlnr experience preferred wort consists of financial state ments budret analysts statistical reports Postion offers opportunity f'w accountant to Join pnwreaatve expandinr company Attractive salary and frlnje benefits Send resume with salary requlrementa la confidence to Personnel Manafer Bobbie Brooks Inc 3830 KELLEY AVE CLEVELAND 14 OHIO ACCOUNTANT Cleveland CPA flnn hf permanent position for senior with 3 to 5 yrz diversified general public tccountlnt exp Including ittlity to handle fed eral state and payroll tax mitten Should be capable generally o6 own supervision on amall ataff handling individual assignments and Individual client conference! These factor more important than supervising an audit Age open but preferably to 35 Sal ary npen Submit resume to Box 18872 Plain Dealer ACCOUNTANT CONSULTING IRM requires MAh for specialized (nonsalts) work on Cleve land West Side office Experience In accounting auditing or installation of business systems required Replied strictly confidential Includes rwume salary data date available Box 22699 Plain Dealer ACCOUNTANT OR A WITH some public experience: weU establiched small firm has opening for capable man: either as an employee or some other arrangement" if your present practice is insufficient Box 22876 Plain Dealer ACCOUNTANT OICE MANAGER General and cost accounting experi enced heavy construction industry: tm medlaie opening Box 1478 Plain Dialer Adjustor Casualty or Akron Youngstown area mlnlmufn of 3 yr of casualty claims exp re quired legal education preferred ex cellent future potential Cal! or write Mr Warden National Unlen In rurance Co 2980 Montleelle Blvd Cleveland Heights 18 Ohie ER 1 2900 Advertising Manager or large established manufacturer In building industry Muit be experienced in all phases of markeUng advertising and sales prcenotlen With ability te work closely1 with tales division to de velop and execute program State ex perience qualifications and salary re quirements Arrangements will be made for a personal interview All repute confidential Box 1778 Plain Dealer ADVERTISING salesman: Experienced: weekly publication UT 1 9797 Air Conditioning Engineer Young man with design and some field experience to supervise installa tion and maintenance of air condi tioning system fer national mercan tile chain headquarters mid west Per manent position Some travel techni cal training essential Write box 171T1 Plain Dealer ASSISTANT Manager Experienced man assist manager ef wholesale phonograph record dept Box 5472 Plain Dealer 20 Help Mile CHEMISTS DIESEL Engineers APPLICATION ENGINEERS INDEX as eh ma phase 32c Engineering Research in1 Bent and 7 years ex rrt MR BROWN and motors Draftsman or Structures INDEX fof Send complete resume to 2D Box 26672 Plain Dealer Structures DRATSMEN Pneumatic Tool Co TRAUB BOX CO HE 1 8008 DEATH NOTICES DI 1 1700 I Thee Challenging 20 Help Male Opportunities With An Aggressive Leader Development ARCHITECT Engineer Snd confidential reiume tot Engineer HYDRAULICS HE OVERSEAS TH miOWIM MM CALL MAIN 1 4500 CUSWtCAflM xConlinaed in Next Colsmn) APPRENTICE SERVICEMAN 25e 35e 34c 49c CORRUGATED BOX DESIGNER TRAINEE CLEVELAND INTERVIEWS 1 3 22D 22D 22D 22D 41D Automobile Salesmen (2) 3781 E77 St Cleveland 5 Ohio Want Want Want Want Want Glenn Smith Employment Manager Lodge Notices Card of Thanks In Memoriams Electro Mechanical Minimum 5 years' experience on elec tronic product design Layout and checking required East Side plant with good working conditions Experienced to sell Pontiac and Tempest salary and commission College graduate with engineering degree plus 3 5 years experience Good salary with many paid benefits 50500 Mound Road Utica Michigan OUT Or TOWN ADB should ic eompuilM to etuek abov ratal PO Box 6719 Cleveland I Ohio tlrtf) MiJ IS Curtiss Wright Marquette Division 1145 GALEWOOD DR GL 1 4800 Ext 245 Send resume including salary requirements in confidence to: SR RESEARCH POSITIONS Mininum chart 2 Una Count 31 IMtre and apaota Mr Unt (about 5 worda) Box number eoant S3 mc DRIVER SALESMAN DKATH NOTICES: i Unn dllr S23O: Bundar 3240: rxcaaa ovar linen at rate under "AU Other ClM Itlcitioni" Death Notlcea Loat end Bound end Lodse Notice accepted uo to mld nirht tor th next day edition or EE with deaign ex perience on electrical ro tating machinery with wo three yeara of heat tranafer experience or MS with I year exper ience INANCIAL etBAnal Loanx iLlcenMrf) Le a DUmo n4 el ry ifeaaelal Real Eute Lamm Meney nanU4 Mertre Boefht Mid Manager Technical Employment Adjustment of Errors It la the raaponalMlltr ot the Ad rerttler to cheek the correction ot each iuertlon of an adrertiaement The Plain Dealer uaumea no reanon KbUltr for the repetition of error In advertisem*nt ordered for more than one Inaertion unit a notified th tam day CUSTODIAN: Mlddal aied: part time: small apt blds east: suite and Sib mo 'WHITE CH 8 S3S3 Graduate Mechanical Engin eer with development or teat ing experience on phatptype hardware Experimental background for dual high speed high temperature tur bo alternator power systems for apace vehiclea with five to ten yesrs ex perience in design develop ment and application signments in the diesel gine field Jack Heintz Inc for supervisory position in well established local office Must be thoroughly experi enced Experienced in apec ifieetion writing and admin istrative ability helpful Attractive salary Phone EV 1 1200 Monday to arrange appeintment Draftsmen Detail Extensive experience d'tailin "bar Must be fast accurate and capable ot estl matlnr Permanent Job rood pay with lont established SOUTHERN CAUOltNlA firm Please reply slvlnr complete details ot background experi ence personal data salary re quirements to: Box 1010 Plain Dealer Work includes heat transfer design thermo dynamics test planning test support de sign lab technology evalua tion performance re port preparation Salary Please send letter or resume to Engineering Personnel Dept or phene for confi dential interview arranged for your convenience Applicants must have rine experience preferably in areas of sizing compon ents for reciprocating en gine installation and of heat transfer field tnflneerlnr asriimnifnts in Europt for tehnidni with extensive exptrienca in tround povtr jeneratori and miuilt zreund zuppbri items Send resume Technical Services Corp 1495 LOCUST STHEET PHILADELPHIA 3 PA degree plus several experience in Engineering Scheduling degree and application engineering ex perience or design engi neering or combination in mechanical or electro mechanical equipment I Attractive salaries liberal I company benefits including educational aid I ENGINEER EDITOR WRITERntlnstrini masazlna to act at Deadlines Want ads for the MonUnr Uin Dealer received until 5:00 dally or the Sunday Plain Dealer: or all 8:30 riday CaneeUatlona up to 8 riday NOTICES Cards 9t Thanks Death Notice vneral Director! In Memoriam Lodre Notice Lost and Renard Have opening for aggressive married map 24 to 38 for established route Must have desire to earn more than just a living wage and be willing to work up to something bet ter Only desire and capability will determine limit of your earnings Only responsible married man who wante permanent em ployment need epply Experi ence helpful but not neces sary 10 UH irU 1 eimiANa fuin iialh i SUNBAT NOV 20 1H0 1 JLB 20 Help Mslt ME drier ptui 1 or 1 Analyst! Mperlenee prefer some IBMni) machine experience but will train Ihls Per 7 consecutive Insertions 3 or more consecutive ln sertlons 1 or i wo insertions Engineer Electronics Graduate engineer with desree or advanced degree required lor circuit development on eieetronlc controls and automatic test and eheek out equipment involving both electronic and Mild jtate device Call Mr Bodker MI 1 3310 Avtron Mfg Inc for i travelins field editor in Eastern states Must have background In manufactur inr operation plus a college detree in enrineerinr Also must have an apti tude for writin as evidenced by pub lished enrtneerlnt articles nr papers Will have office in New York City THU TOOL AND MANUACTURING ENGINIER 1 0700 Puritan Ave Detroit 38 Mich In Th AeroSpace ield 2B 2B 2B2B 2B 2B LOCAL WANT AD RATES Within 100 miles et Cleveland (Rate beyond thl area riven upon reoueiti 20 Help Winfid Malo (CoRtlwurd rom reerOIng folnwin) Lombardo Pontiac 31047 Vine St WILLOUGHBY OHIO SATURDAY NOV 26th TO 1 8030 Exceptional opportunity for ambi tious young man 25 35 with es tablished expandins manufacturer Must have creative artistic ability manual skill Liberal salary bene fits Structural teel detailers expe rienced on all types of build ings bridges and conveyors Sambom Steketee Associates 4913 Van Epps Rd Cleveland 31 SH 9 2600 ARTIST Experienced all around erettlvs artist for design snd finished art excellent opportunity fer growth end ment salary Call Mr Zelinko for Appointment AD ART LITHO EX 1 1460 ARCHITECWRAL CHIE DRATSMAN Experienced eonunarclal and Instltu tlsnal werk: permanent downtown ot nta Bek ISIS laln Dealer ARCHITECTURAL DRATSMAN Experienced only Call Relne Crlddr WlUlamaon BE 4 ditE CREDIT CORRESPONDENT Must be experienced In Industrial credit work and be able to handle Ure vol ume of accounts permanent position 5 day week sood salary Intervlewlns hours 9 toll am and 1 to 3 a American Greeting Corp 1305 80 St 2S Help Mali AUTO radiator repel raun 1st class iteady MX 1 6439 CA 1 36Q1 HELPER Young man to learn restaurant work steady nlzht salary GOLDEN BOWL R1STAURANT 12312 Mayfield Rd RA 1 1650 The National Caxh Resister Co his an openini for a service oprentje trainee in Cleveland area Salary Mid durinj tralalRf Must be able to paaa mechanical aptitude and screentnz Kectrnnle background desirable Group insurance paid vacation and other benefits Aft 18 te 25 Mini mofli height and weight and 146 Ibs Muat be high seheel grad uate single preferred We are lookint for a young man who Is interested In his own future and has potential for rowinr Call Mr Sproul or Mr Southwick for interview appointment UT 1 9500 Curtiss Wright Corporation UTICA DIVISION If unable to apply send resume Personnel Manacer MSA RESEARCH CORP Callery Penna or Rent Rooms and Board Housekeeping Rooms Children Boarded Lost and ound Line Dally Bun AUTO PAINTER Mull to yxpvrt with tnuntf ntrr ttonil Mrnlnti to cipxblt mu 8901 rtKklln Avt in Section Page 2 Also appearing in the same location are: uneral Directors lowers Lost and ound Cemetery Lots Monuments Conduct theoretical and experimental Investigations in engineering or tlflc fields serve as a technical con Jili sultant on advance reaearch problem! and evaluate special problems existing in major development programs MB? degree with 3 advance in a specialized field pertence in research and development Ul SlJUkAUttVB yuiuyj CLEVELAND PNEUMATIC TOOL CO a leading manu i'( facturer in the Aircraft in dustry with current landing gear contracts for all major jet transports and the USA Intercontinental 70 Bomber is now interviewing for the following positions: 4aUtMul tewan CemeUry Vtto ManamwiU ereewSh BartiMM MHImi Repair and Serriee KEIS miIiibiiI emale tl7D lD tapieywMnt BareM Mle 15B 18fl emale InaUwcUe 18D Male iRStracUwn 15D Help Wauled Agento 15D Help Wanted emale 16O 17D Help Wanted Male 13Dtel5D Help Wanted Aaleamen eeitten emale 1AD wltien Wanted Male 18D Admission Counselors If you are willing to work and like young people you can enjoy high Hm Ins present counselor CM earned14000 last year Leads furnished must have car able to travel College and know how tn close: guaranteed advance draw against onch enrollment Box 27072 Plain Dealer Assistant Management Young man to assist manager tn local office of national concern Automatic advancement after 30 days training period UH pky during training Car essential Apply Miss Michael 430 Cuyahoga Savings Bldg OR RENT Apartment (Eat)18D 19D Apartment (West) 20D rates storage Zin Plaeaa for Rent 210 21D Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc New Devises Laboratories 7209 Platt Ave Cleveland 4 Ohio 1 6765 Ext 595 695 no I Originate develop and analyze deslzn check data specifications and proposals of engineering and manufacturing pracfh ttces 4 college engineering train Ing with experience in mechanical an4 hydraulic drafting and design work AUTOMOBILES arts Servi 42D Sale Used Aatemebl)ea43D te 48D Bale Used Sperta and Imported Cars 420 430 Sport and Import Cart arts Aceesteries Service 43D Ante Parts Repairs mwii Trailers Tracks Trailers arta Aites Track 42D Aatos Tracts far Rent or Lease 42D Motorcycles Bleyelee 42D BUlIhEll OPORTUNITIES Basiaeee Opparludttaa 21B 25B BVtfNm ggRYICK 1D1SD3BSB 118 Cancellations lr Before riday or Before 5:30 Sunday Other Before 9:30 re eedlnt dey When cenetllnt ad eencella Hon number will be tlvml you No allowance on elalnu canceled with out number Busiest The Plain Dealer Want Ad Columns Develop methode and rtanderda conductor xtructural and fatlaue anal i) ysee and tests: deiree and years' stress and structural analysts' and testins or structural deslsn expe rlence 4 IM 13 fl I Conduct analyses Investlsatlons an4'' physical test to determine loads fa tigue and dynamic stresse and elastic behavior of structures prepare related reports degree and one year streu analysis or related experience The Cleveland DIE Mt up man for precision dies: modern East Side mfg company egp ilh 55 steady Box 26272 Plain Dealer Rent Rest Reni Garages Storage niitinsi i Children Rardd Heme top Aged Cenvaletetni Nursing 2 ID Betel 2l Holies for Rent (Eat)20D 21D Hoesea tor Rent (West) 21D Rent actory Warehie ftlte 21D Kent arnithed Apartment (East) 20D Rent amished Apartments (West) 20D Rent Tarnished Means (Eal)21D Rent amished Hmms (Wesl)21D Rent Halls and Stadl 21D HMSMMBIhr IlIt 1 KES Rent Heasekeeplng Weat)18D Bent Offleea Desk Roe 21 9ms Beam rjii 1 Reoms Beard (West)18D Sabarhan Property 21D ill 21D 21D Challenging ope i i with small research or ganization for chemists of all levels experienced as following: PHYSICAL CHEMISTS Research problems In Space Tech nology in terms of chemical con trol of environment INORGANIC CHEMISTS High temperature chemistry per taining to liquid metal studies and related problms ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS Instrumental analysis with soma re search problem in broad phaec of analytical chemistry Liberal company benefits Relocation expenses Suburban Western enna area positions per line Da'lvSUn 7 consecutive insertions 22e 27c 3 or more consecutive In sertions 25c 3tc 1 or two insertions 33c 41c Great Western Juice Co 715 103 St iMbnunxrv nr Apply la perron 9:30 till pm DRivtat saixs 54 sup rxtiy Start 3 10S wrokly tuirante plus htsher cwnmlulor rominn eictlnt advancement poartNUty married traduate AC 1 3933 for interview DRIVXR with dry cleaning route tn Heiihta are Must be willing to rollclt tor new aeeounti Salary plus com mlHion a 1 3534 DRIVKR uleamtn: To call on retail cuatomera Salary plua commlaalon Shamrock Cleanen 430 Broadway CUSTODIAN: Part time for modem 12 suites In west suburb Couple only Box 34049 Plain Dealer CUSTOMIN Xmlneer Xlrotrlcal back ground required car necessary Cleve land im Opportunity for qualified man WO 1 3346 CUSTODIAN (COUPLE) Excellent opportunity for couple to work in small office building Com plete maintenance and cleaning: sal ary 200 a mo with apt and util ities Write complete experience te Box 32593 Plain Dealer CUSTODIAN: art time: couple only: white 17 suites off Shaker Square: maintenance experience essential good appearance: 1 bedroom suite and al ary Mr MArita CH 1 2 7 TO CUSTODIAN: White middle aged eoupit: part time for new I sqite apt Noble Rd Reht reduced to'40 tv 2 7622 CUSTODIAN eouple Age 50 60 ex perienced: 30iuite apt gas boiler suite salary But Side Box 29377 Plain Dealer CUSTODIAN experienced part time white couple only man employed else where free rent utilities plus aalary But Side KB 1 1896 CHIMNEY repair tuck pointing: part time 3 days EN 1 6911 CLERK TYPIST Young man interested In detail clerical work: must be accurate some typing 5 day 40 hour week: near downtown salary basis position now open EX 1 4425 Interviews Monday Through riday Yh si COLLECTION MANAGER Experience tn loan company or retail credit preferred Good paying position with national company all fringe benefits Excellent opportunity for right man Write full details Box 18772 Plain Dealer COLLECTOR Salesman Routes: High volume man familiar with home equip ment business Some knowledge of furniture and appliance telling deslr abie Car Utilities 194 8 Lm Rd Rent Rent Rat ar Bent Ont ef Tnwn Share Hesses Winter Reserta WANTED TO RENT amished Apartmento 20D Sabarban Property 21D to Rent Apartments 20D Rent Bvslneto laeas 21D to Bent Hanses 2 ID REAL ESTATE Extkange Real Estate 42D Name Balldiag 28D Ont of TawA Beal Estate JJD Real Estate 25D 30D Sale aeteriea Site 41D Sale ams and Acerage 42D Sale Investment Property 30D31D West Cleveland Break Park 37D SSD Lakewood Rocky Riser airview Bay 36 7D Westlake Avon Avon Lake North Olmsted Olmsted alls 85D Berea Middlekerg Heights Strengs ville North Royalton 40D41D Brooklyn Parma Brooklyn Heights Parma Height 3D to 40i Seren Hill Brecksville Broadview Heights Independence 35 Sebarban Property West Southwest 37D Shaker Heights University Heights Cleveland Heights Beachwood a 26D 27D East Northeast East Cleveland Euelid 2SD 29D Southeast Garfield Heights Maple Height Bedford Warrensville Heights 32D 33D Wickliffe Winowick Willoughby Eastlake Mentor 29D Sooth EocUd Lend ho rat Richmond Heights Highland Height May field Mayfield Height 31D 32D epper Pike Orangs Moreland Hill Solon Chagrin alla Hint ing Valley Gate Min 25D 26D Suburban Property East Seutheaat a 33D 34D Sale Leto 24D Cottages Sltaa Beaorta 35D To Lente 19D Wanted Real Estate 41D SALE MltCUXAXEOVB Aoetions 22B Marine Bopptten 230 Clothing ur Repotas 24 Dogs Pete 8sppiie13D Hl PI and Components 24D Horses Block arm Toole 13d Maihlaery Tools Moto 24D Plano Me steal Instruments 24D Sale Diamonds Jewelry 24D Sale Household Good 23D Sale Mi seel la neon 24D Sewing Machines 24D Store and Office ixture 23D Typewriter Office Machine 4 2D Wanted Old Gold Diamonds 24D Wanted Miscellaneous 22D CLERK TYPIST BOOKKEEPER TO 1 5575 COLD HEADER SETUP MAN Must have exp on all types of small screws through ft diameter Excel lent opportunity ull or part time Box 30372 Plain Dealer DISTRICT MANAGER 125000 A YEAR Capable of hiring and training mgi tn the Cleveland area for the futtot trowing and most progressive tong life lamp company in America Our men art the highest paid in the in 6utry Experience In lighting pre ferred but if you think you can qual ify send us a brief resume of your put experience and phone number An Interview will be arranged at once All pl lea strictly confidential Our mon know of thto ad Box 10771 Plain Dealer DISTRICT SALESMANAGER BASIC INCOME A MO ARE YOU A SEL STARTER WHO CAN WORK WITH OUT SUPERVISION? CAN YOU OR GANIZB YOUR TIME AND THE TIME OTHERS? ARE YOU NEAT APPEARING A GOOD TALKER AND SEL CONIDENT? If the answer to the above question 1 yes and you have your own transportation your future with an established security corporation Is assured We provide full training after which you win be tstgnl an exclusive territory Ap ply 9 12 and 3 6 daily 1442S Puri a iR drtC! evela ndO DRAPERY INSTALLER experienced must have ear YE 6200 ELECTRICAL ENGINEER or ESTIMATOR Experience on industrial and commer cial instsllation Top salary plus CE 1 0539 ELECTRONIC ENGINEER ELECTRONIC MANUACTURING Rapldl trowlnc Itctroairo manufac turer needa cnflnrorlnf "manufaettrief llalaon man Th man wt hlr will: a coun traautt Have a atron underatandjnt of electronica acquired formally or throuih experience Enj orianlalnt abstract 14Und daiilnt with people rolf ittrur wtn itraau imbitton tn Ixcellant chance for advincement due to growth ot eompny Send return and atltr tint to Box 33373 Plain Dealer Electronic Parts Sales Knowledge of electronic parts end equipment essential Heights residence preferred Age 23 35 Call Mr Jack Sproch manager for appointment EV 2 7676 Winteradio Electronics 4432 MAYIELD RD embalmeh funtral director Opportunity for advancement from present position: 25 40 yerra old Live out no ambulance or maintenance: regular schedule from 44 53 hours weekly salary overtime bonus Insurance vacation and other benefits if qualified to be enrolled in Nation al oundation course Phone or write tor interview Busch ft Sop Ine 4334 Pearl Rd Cleveland 9 ESTIMATOR General contractor requires an assistant to chief estimator should be exp in Industrial building Box 8472 Plain Dealer ELECTRICAL All Other Classifications: Per Line Daily Sun 7 consecutive insertions 3e 53c 3 or more consecutive in sertions 39e 54c 1 or two insertions 49c 73c Want Ad Information and Index To place your ad call MA 1 4500 A Data Specialist Desigi Senior Stress Investig: (T I TT '4H TT (' i and ok for Ad '4 fcfl Auto Sales Manager WI hart tn opening tar a man who fa axprlrncad In hirint training and managing aaJeaman te tell the popular Rambler line st can Thia la a talar plua override plua ahare of the profit for an aggreaalve man Only experienced mtn with good local reference need apply Be or eell Mr liher nKHER MOTORS 4333 Mayfield Auto Salesman To aell Rambler cart ine pap plan for experienced man who la willing to won and has rood local reference No other need apply H3HER MOTORS 4353 Mayfield AUTO SALESMEN Room for just 1 mtn in the Grabakt organization: best training beet pay and best opportunity for the future minimum wtge 36 000 plus Incentive plus uh of a new car Call Walter Grabski DI 1 4860 Auto Seat Cover Installer Experienced only 16830 Mlles vt AUTO Wash Mgr wanted Contact Mr Kryeh at 10519 Madison Ave BARBER A guarantee 70 pro prietor colored Thomas a Jone 28 Walnut St Youngstown BARBER ART TIME Can after 6 WI 1 3894 BEAUTICIAN Male or female to serve colored clientele salary and commis sion Mrs Carter EX 1 9191 1 5 BOOKKEEPER full charge 1 man office: must have knowtedss of trial balanee accounts receivable and pay able Box 11373 Plain Dealer Bookkeeping Clerk or brinch office located In east Shaker area Accounts receivable and credit experience or training desired Modem office Excellent benefit pro gram Reply stating experience age an4 salary desired Bex 33378 Plain Dealer SALESMAN Wood and corrugated ull time or part time Commltslon Mt 1 1900 BURGLAR alarm aerviee man experi enced week end Alert Alarm Co TO 1 8034 BUYER Purchasing Dept Young man with aome pur chasing experience to pur chase non productive item for manufacturing concern Muat be alert and aggreaaive Send resume to Box 25478 Plain Dealer CABINET MAKER for imall shop machine and bench exp raqulrad Prefer family man with rMPonilbnltlestate ate exp and put employment record Box 8172 lam Dealer CAR WASHER EXP CH 1 3537 CHILD CARE WORKER Mature man to work In residential treatment center Buperviw and guide children In their every day living Should have at Itut high rohool edu cation aome college and eroup leader ship preferred Should enjoy helping troubled children Living In position Salary plus full maintenance Call Mre Cuaale Cohen YB 3 3800 week days 10 to 4 CHIROPODIST Excellent opportunity to take over practice In Detroit Mich igan Equipment provided Good earn ing potential Reply fully itatlng age and experience Box 10871 Plain Dealer CLAIMS ADJUSTER Opportunity for young man 25 te 29 yetrs with GM car division College eduration plus automotive service ex perience preferred benefit Reply riving full quallflcetioM to Kane Room 206 20950 Center Ridge Rd Cleveland 16.

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